18 Dec, 2013

Gift Ideas for your music fan

Still looking for something special for that special someone this holiday? The gift of music is a gift that gives and gives the whole year through.

Holiday Gift Ideas From JRDotCom

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Happy Holidays and Thanks for shopping at JRdotcom!

2 Dec, 2013

Cyber-Monday at JRDotCom


50% of all sales made today (Cyber Monday Dec. 2) will benefit Brittany’s Fund for Life AND your friends and family will get some great tunes.

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Happy Holidays and Thanks for shopping at JRdotcom!

5 Dec, 2012

Gifts For Grandmas – Familiar Folk for your Family

Need a special something for a special someone? Give a copy of “Funky Folk” to the new babies, moms and dads in your life this year. Grandmas love it too!

Number of Albums
Option 1 – 1 Album $8.00 USD
Option 2 – 2 Albums $14.00 USD
Option 3 – 3 Albums $22.00 USD
Option 4 – 4 Albums $30.00 USD
Option 5 – 5 Albums $38.00 USD
Option 6 – 6 Albums $46.00 USD
Option 7 – 7 Albums $54.00 USD
Option 8 – 8 Albums $60.00 USD
Option 9 – 9 Albums $66.00 USD
Option 10 – Albums $70.00 USD

27 Nov, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

15 Jul, 2012

Bon Voyage Jam

It is with great pride and a little sadness (mostly pride) that I get to announce a very special show this Tuesday, July 17 at the new Ground Round, recently relocated to historic downtown St. Joseph, MO. We’re calling it the Bon Voyage Jam as we bid “Fare the Well”, “Adieu”, “Hasta Luego” and “Until We Meet Again” to a couple of our brothers in musical adventure in our local scene.

We’re taking the night to celebrate with Drummer, Mark Elting and Keyboardist, Jeremy Gregoire as they move on to brighter futures and away from our humble but tight circle (though they’ll never fully escape it). I’ve played so many regular nights, corporate affairs, private soirees, throw-together gigs, recording dates and explosive jam sessions with these guys in every concoction imaginable: duo to large groups at home and across the nation.

Mark is heading for Nashville, TN a familiar destination for musicians of great talent to share his wide experience with the entirety of “Music City”. JG is moving more towards a road less traveled on to Taiwan (not sure I can name a city there) where he’ll be working with another old friend and great bassist who lives there with his young family. No doubt both places will be the better for the arrival and contribution of the newest ex-partiots.

It’s a significant loss to our musical family though we really couldn’t be prouder of both. We’ve made a lot of great memories (and no doubt we’ll make some more) and these guys definitely deserve more than our little midwestern island can really offer.

Hope you’ll join us in the mother of all jams (bring your horn, strings, spoons and sundries) to say “Bon Voyage” to our friends, our fellow musicians… our brothers.

Check out this rare footage of our band with Bassist, Craig Kew and Mario Asti on Saxophone at the 2010 Coleman Hawkins Jazz Festival.

30 Dec, 2011

2011 – The Year In Review

The “Funky Folk” album, Pig Farmer’s “Makin’ Bacon” Release, breaking 10,000 views on YouTube,live web streaming, multiple tours, shredding show-downs and charitable throw-downs are a few of the highlights that reflect the year ’11. Besides a couple of private events for Soca J, it’s all but in the can.

Special Thanks to all who have supported us this year…

Our family and friends, Andrew Riley, David Burke, Megan Wyeth, Travis Morgan, Godin Guitars, Michel at Wegen Picks, Dean Markley Strings, the venues, agencies, festival committees and the great artists that have allowed us to play along…

The Nova Project, Soca Jukebox, Under The Influence, Ed Daniels, Steve Jones, Jazz Express, Bryan Alford and The Sugita/Glise Duo.

We’ve collected over 500 gigabytes of video from 120 shows with these acts all over the U.S. Through many hours of editing we fought to get it down to an enjoyable 10 minutes here.
Check it all out one more time through this video montage….

2012, you’re on notice. Happy New Year!

16 Dec, 2011

Funky Folk Fo’ Yo’ Holiday

We know during this busy time of festive preparation we can all use a little help in finding that perfect gift idea for those special someones. Here’s the Top 5 bestowal solutions from our experts at jasonriley.com.

5) Funky Folk – The 4th album from JR is perfect for young and old on your holiday shopping list. One thoughtful gift that’s an affordable family gift or a great choice for new parents and grandparents. FREE Shipping when you order 2 or more!

Number of Albums
1 Album $8.00
2 Album Pack $14.00
3 Album Pack $22.00
4 Album Pack $30.00
5 Album Pack $38.00
6 Album Pack $46.00
7 Album Pack $54.00
8 Albums Pack $60.00
9 Album Pack $66.00
10 Album Pack $70.00

4) Music Lessons – How about a gift certificate for some Music lessons. We suggest the guitar but harmonica, ukelele, piano, or your favorite musiker are also acceptable. Everyone should play a little something and that’s the gift that keeps on giving your whole life through.

3) A Night Out to see some live music. (Events Calendar)

2) A New Motorcyle for him, A Tropical Vacation for her!

1) Presence. Make a little time to BE with your loved ones. This life is short, there is no time like the “present”.

Happy Holidays from all of us at jasonriley.com!

13 Oct, 2011

Top 10 YouTube Videos

As we near 10,000 views on our affiliated YouTube Channel, jasonrileydotcom, we’d like to thank everyone for watching. Especially to that one friend of the show who has watched over 9 thousand of our video clips, you know who you are! Hope you have your personal favorite. Maybe it’s “Soca on Ice” with Louie the Loper or “Spirit Fingers”. Our guy finds his way into many diverse situations as the Top Ten reflects. We’re always uploading new content and have built up a vast archive of past performances yet to be included. Please consider “Subscribing” to us there, it’s like being a YouTube friend. Thanks to the bands and to you for watching and driving us past that 10K mark (though we hope to see you in person soon).

JR’s Top 10 YouTube Videos

Honorable MentionSoca Duo – Whiskey River
#10Soca Jukebox – Send Me On My Way
#9 - Bugsy & The Insects – Blues
#8Jason Riley & Bryan Alford – Autumn Leaves
#7Pig Farmer – Fishin’
#6Soca Jukebox – Bang the Drum
#5 - Jason Riley – All Along The Watchtower
#4 - Jason Riley – Wonderful Tonight
#3Jason Riley – Froggy Went A Courtin’
#2 - Under the Influence – “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”

And the most viewed video at jasonrileydotcom ….. drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr (drum roll)
#1 -The Nova Project – Black Soul

Thanks for sharing your favorites with the uninitiated. See you on the Tube!

20 Sep, 2011

Funky Folk Fight Hunger

Jason Riley’s Funky Folk Band will perform this Saturday for the 2nd annual “Blue Grass Battles Hunger”, a charity event to benefit Northwest Missouri’s Second Harvest Food Bank. This 2-day event takes place at the Coleman Hawkins Park in St. Joseph, MO and will include local, regional and national artists all weekend long. Jason and Co. take to the Gazebo stage at 5pm to warm up for the evening’s headliner, the celebrated Sierra Hull and Highway 111. Funster Bassist, Craig Kew had this to say about Sierra…

“Y’all better plan on sticking around to get your faces melted off by a fetching 19 year-old with the voice of a Appalachian angel and her nuclear mandolin.” Say no more. Come out for a great cause. Nay, the greatest cause.

Soca Jukebox returns for a few KC area dates to finish out the month. This weekend the boys of Island steel will be on stage at the Argosy Casino both Friday and Saturday at 9pm. Friday, Sept. 30 you can catch them at Odowd’s Little Dublin in NKC. Ah.. the emerald isle and her reggae rhythms! Aloha? Wait, that’s all wrong.

5 Sep, 2011

“7 Days” Tour – On the Road with Ed Daniels

Entertaining two-man show on the road this week between Las Vegas and Nashville to appointments with industry folks in the music city.
Ed Daniels is an acclaimed singer/songwriter from Las Vegas out promoting his latest release and introducing new music on an invitation from his Nashville connections. JR will be accompanying Ed on this tour as he remains advancing his own recent solo instrumental project, Funky Folk.

The acoustic duo performs Daniels’ original songs as well as fresh arrangements of well-known repertoire in pop, jazz, blues, rock, country and classical for guitars, loops, effects and vocals.

Monday – Road Trip
Tuesday – 11 am. Eric Hurt – Nashville, TN
8 pm. Featured Writer at Legends – Nashville, TN
Wednesday – 2 pm. Tim Dubois ASCAP – Nashville, TN
4 pm. Song Source ASCAP – Nashville, TN
Thursday – Branson, MO
Friday – The Neptune on Pine – Warrensburg, MO
Saturday – Wildhorse Saloon – Tarkio, MO

Ed Daniels

Currently breaking through to pop/rock consciousness with Better Me, his compelling and heartfelt but frequently rockin’ debut EP, singer/songwriter Ed Daniels will no doubt draw on his budding success story to inspire other struggling artists who feel stuck in a day job that takes precious hours and energy away from pursuing their musical dream.

With musical influences ranging from John Denver and Counting Crows to Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz, it’s not surprising that Daniels is poised to be an influential singer/songwriter himself. The key for him is honesty, and most of the tracks on Better Me are reflections of past relationships and memories from the perspective of one who has learned from his mistakes and gained wisdom along the way. While he considers himself a romantic writer, he takes a harder look at the world on the opening track “7 Days,” in which he somehow finds optimism to “run the human race” even after all the bad and frustrating news of any given day.

Daniels gets to the romance on the tender and graceful “Lower The Moon,” a “Love will make you do the wildest things” kind of song inspired by Jimmy Stewart’s “lasso the moon” speech in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” After the title track, which is about striving to be “somebody better for somebody else,” Daniels taps beautifully into his folk-y acoustic side on “I Can’t Wait To Dream Of You,” which was originally inspired by thinking about his unborn baby while his wife was pregnant. “Behind Her Smile” is a mid-tempo rocker about a person’s true talents and personality that lie beneath the surface of what the world sees. This is followed by the haunting and image rich piano driven ballad “The Rest Of Us,” in which he reflects upon the emotional baggage and unfulfilled dreams left behind after a breakup. Better Me wraps on an upbeat note with “The Addiction,” a high spirited country flavored pop/rocker about the way new love can take our lives over completely—and for the good.

“After so many years having fun but basically knocking around in bands and playing other people’s material,” says Daniels, “I’m really excited about the opportunity to finally get my music out there and let people hear my songs. While I’m looking forward to getting back onstage and performing for people, what’s been really gratifying is being able to exhale after finishing a song I am really proud of. Everything starts out with a cool idea, a couple good lines, a few great lines, and then you have to figure out what to do with them. The stress creeps in as the pressure mounts to turn those thoughts into a great song—and then when it happens, it’s the most incredible thing a songwriter can experience. It’s such a wonderful feeling listening back to it when it’s all produced, hearing all the little nuances and knowing I’ve truly given my best.”

One Night Outlaw by Ed Daniels